Gypsies at Home
Gypsies at Home
Gypsies at Home
Gypsies at Home

Gypsies at Home

John Weeks

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John Weeks, born in Devonshire, England, emigrated to NZ when he was a child. Weeks was one of the most influential staff members at the Elam Art School of the University of Auckland, where he taught from 1930 to 1954.

That technical skill is much overrated in painting and that the not unnatural desire to emulate closely the appearance of nature usually forces the medium beyond its limits - and frequently ends in superficiality. Nature is nature and must be accepted as such. That paint is pigment and has its very definite limitations. Best results are obtained when these limitations are observed and respected.

Image Dimensions: 315mm W x 240mm H

Framing: Framed

Framed Dimensions: 465mm W x 385mm H

Artwork Details

Title: Gypsies at Home
Artist: John Weeks
Date: 1967
Medium: Tempera on board
Category: Paintings, View Art,
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