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detail. Zig-Zag Road. Karl Maughan. Framed screenprint, A/P.

22.12.19. all we want for Christmas… BONUS LISTINGS

Some extra works came into the showroom last week so we thought we would share them especially for Christmas. So enjoy these last two works for the year: a mixed media work from Kim Pieters; and a screenprint from Karl Maughan.

We wish you all a restful festive season and we will be back with more amazing work to share in the new year!

Kim Pieters (1959-)

Dunedin based artist, Kim Pieters works in a variety of media – paintings, drawings, photographs, and moving-image soundscapes. Her abstract paintings draw on her extensive reading of philosophy and poetry, contain a tension between ephemerality and narrative. Her work asks to be felt and contemplated, not just seen.