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04.08.19. new works from Liam Dangerfield, Joeke de Vries, Malcolm Mason & J K Reed

Art on Sunday! We have new listings going LIVE tonight: a study on oil from Liam Dangerfield; two West Coast landscapes from Malcolm Mason; an abstract work from Joeke de Vries; and a watercolour scene of Akaroa by J K Reed

Liam Dangerfield

Originally from the UK, Christchurch based artist Liam Dangerfield is a visual artist working with oil and charcoal. Influenced by the work of Jim Dine, Dangerfield’s murky and moody environments are drawn from his surrounding environment, from seemingly mundane road markings to the vivid nor’west arch at dusk.

Joeke de Vries (1954-)

Born in Holland, Joeke de Vries moved to New Zealand in 1986. His abstract works are inspired by the New Zealand landscape and seascape, exploring the horizontals and verticals of the above and below, earth and sky, sea and sky. His most recent works have taken inspiration from a trip through Italy – the pigments and textures of frescoes throughout Venice, Florence and Sienna.

The simple horizontals and verticals in so many Dutch artist’s work are because “there’s either sky or earth in Holland and not a lot in between”, Joeke says.

Malcolm Mason

Born in Wolverhampton, England, Malcolm Mason emigrated to New Zealand in 1980. Mason taught art at Christs College in Christchurch and is currently living and working at Diamond Harbour on the Banks Peninsula.

J K Reed (1954-)

UK born artist, John Keith Reed moved to Christchurch in the 1960s to attend the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts. Reed is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading landscape water-colourists, with works sold throughout Australasia and the United States of America.